Syncing with 4Front

Scott Long scottl at
Wed Jun 1 09:00:57 PDT 2005

Alexander Leidinger wrote:

> 4Front Technologies <dev at> wrote:
>> As 4Front Technologies gets ready to announce OSS v4.0 later this year
>> (the 10th anniversary of OSS), we'd like to offer our assistance.
> Since my personal opinion is to sync with the official OSS API, I'm very
> pleased to hear that. What kind of assistance do you offer?
>> ALSA is way too complex at the API layer but still very similar to OSS
>> at the driver level (naturally since they started from OSS!). We have
>> developed a ALSA<->OSS library called SALSA (for Simple ALSA) that gives
>> you some level of translation between the few ALSA-only apps and OSS
>> compatible drivers and it's under LGPL and we can talk about BSD
>> licensing it if you find it useful. See:
> Since those apps which use ALSA most likely will be part of the ports
> collection but not of the base system, I think this isn't really needed to
> be adopted by us. SALSA can just be part of the ports collection too.

Actually,having an enabling API that is tied to the OS like SALSA seems
to be is a very good thing to have in the base system.  Why drive the
ports team nuts with it breaking at the drop of a hat every time someone
tweaks the kernel sources?

I'm highly in favor of enabling technologies like this.  It makes
everyone's lives easier.


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