Which USB-Soundcards work?

Erik Udo erik.u at dnainternet.net
Sun Jan 30 09:40:56 PST 2005

Paul Kaletta wrote:
> Hi,
> can anybody tell me which USB-Soundcard are known to work with FreeBSD?
> (For example I'm pretty interested in the Creative SoundBlaster Live!
> 24BIT USB. It's pretty cheap (50 EUR), and my past experience with PCI
> Live cards is pretty good. Does this one work?).
> I want a USB-Card since my notebook lacks a line-in jack. It has a
> microphone plug only. Does recording work with USB-cards? I don't need
> anything fancy, but when I'm recording noise should be reasonably low.
> Thanks
> Paul

I dont know about USB soundcards but newer PCI Live!
soundcards with audigy LS chipset dont work on FreeBSD. However,
older Live! soundcards do work, if you can find them. I had
to learn this the hard way.

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