Shed any light on commercial OSS and ALSA compat

Edd Barrett edd at
Mon Jan 17 05:03:38 PST 2005

Hello there,
Im a diehard FreeBSD user, and also a musician. I would like to use some
of the new multitrack audio apps that have popped up recently. Howver...
some inconsiderate person has developed ALSA. ALSA has made a mockery of
portability in my eyes. Most audio developers run linux. So they see no
issues with writing thier apps with heavy dependancy upon the ALSA core.

I have read that OSS has some kind of ALSA compatibilty in the commercial
version. Is this so? If so is it easy to set up ?  Will apps recognise
OSS libs as alsa (i doubt it).

(threaded) OSS is relatively cheap. Should it work (well) i would
probably buy it.

Im finding digital audio on unix very frustrating. sigh...



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