update: Re: pvr250 can't tune above channel 11

David C. Myers myers at aedifice.net
Sun Jan 16 09:15:56 PST 2005

David C. Myers wrote:

> John-Mark Gurney wrote:
>> Yep, by default the PVR-250 always assumes that the channels are
>> cable channels...
>> What I did is modify the appropriate tuner in the:
>> const struct cxm_tuner
>> cxm_tuners[CXM_TUNER_TYPES] = {
>> to remove the &us_cable_channels and replace it with NULL...  It always
>> chooses the cable channels over the air ones...
>> Hope this helps.

Ah, stupid me.  It does work; thank you.  I happened to type 
"pvr250-setchannel 12", but channel 12 doesn't actually have a signal in 
my area.  When I used a station that actually exists, it works fine.

Many thanks.


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