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Thu Jan 13 15:56:58 PST 2005

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 12:08:29 -0800, Julian Elischer
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> Firstly, Who is curently maintaining it?
> Orion Hodson seems to have become scarce.
> (If you are reading this Orion and I've just missed you, sorry).
> I saw cg (Cameron Grant) on the lists the other day, but I
> am not sure who is currently the contact man for sound.

Cameron will still respond to questions, and I believe he's not totally
unwilling to do any work at all, but I think he's adopted more of a
back-seat position these days.  Which is not to undervalue his great
contributions in the past, of course.  :-)

> let me know if you know :-)
> If you want the job, speak up :-)
> The there is MIDI...

Mat Kanner is supposed to be our MIDI maintainer/developer, but
unfortunately, he seems to come and go with uncomfortable frequency. 
The status of his new MIDI code is still up in the air, even months
after his original announcement.

I've tried using the last patch set he made available here (from August
2004), but it doesn't apply cleanly under CURRENT, and I've been unable
so far to obtain an update from Mat.

> Kazuhito HONDA (kazuhito at
> has been doing some work on the USB audio code
> and has agreed to act as contact/maintainer for that as
> it seems to be currently unloved.

I would be interested in helping out with the sound subsystem, as it
is definitely one of the parts of the system I hold most near and
dear (being an amateur musician and hardcore music buff), if someone
were willing to mentor me for a while, until I felt secure enough to
work on my own.

Just let me know if/when/how we might get started.

And thanks for bringing this issue to light.  It's long overdue.

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