Pinnacle PCTV TV tuner problem

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Jan 12 16:49:30 PST 2005

I do not have one of htes.
I am just he committer who is committing for people who do work on this 
I suggest you send your email to multimedia at
(I will forward this to them now.)

Andrey V. Elsukov wrote:

>Hi, Julian,
>Sorry, for my english. :(
>I have Pinnacle PCTV Pro TV Tuner.
>I cvs'uped last driver for CURRENT. It works, but i can't change
>channels. I use fxtv.
>About my system.
>CPU: Athlon XP 1700+
>RAM: 512 MB
>Motherboard: Soltek 75FRNL nForce2 with internal AC'97 audio
>codec and nVidia MCP Network adapter.
>/var/run/dmesg.boot in attached file.
>About problem.
>In a boot time for each register:
>bktr0: MT2032 write failed (i2c addr 0xc0)
>bktr0: MT2032 get register 0 failed
>see in dmesg.boot..
>When i try to change channel in fxtv -> in console:
>Jan 12 23:29:49 butcher kernel: bktr0: PLL didn't lock
>Jan 12 23:29:50 butcher kernel: bktr0: setting frequency to 519250000
>Jan 12 23:29:50 butcher kernel: bktr0: MT2032-SetIFFreq: 0x2523860f...
>Jan 12 23:29:50 butcher kernel: bktr0: MT2032 write failed (i2c addr
>0xc0) Jan 12 23:29:50 butcher kernel: bktr0: MT2032 get register 14
>i attache /var/log/message.
>How i can try?
>Big Thanks.

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