professional sound studio with freebsd, anyone?

Thanos Tsouanas thanos at
Tue Jan 4 03:25:51 PST 2005

On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 06:58:09PM -0800, Brooks Davis wrote:
> > The comparison was not between lin OSS and lin ALSA but between
> > fbsd OSS and lin ALSA but i do not take it for granted.
> > Do you use FreeBSD with OSS and works fine?  Do you record?
> > Please let me know your software/hardware inventory and how well
> > it works for you.
> If you believe OSS as implemented in FreeBSD won't work for you, that's
> your call.  It wouldn't suprise me in the least since the desktop
> has never been our primary focus.  I just wanted to be sure you were
> comparing our code not the crap in Linux since that's usually what
> people are doing.

I know about the focus, but this is no 'desktop' use, it's a
music workstation, not some fun-with-music-apps pc.  I have been
satisfied with performance and stability back in the days i was
solely using freebsd, and that's why I would prefer to use it
than start over with linux.

Now, OSS is commercial, so I wouldn't like to go with it.  I
know 30 bucks is not much but it's against my views for my
new studio.

P.S.:  Anyone here that uses freebsd for a music workstation?
       (that was the original question, it's still in the
       Subject, but oh well..)

Thanos Tsouanas <thanos at> .: Sians           .:

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