professional sound studio with freebsd, anyone?

Brooks Davis brooks at
Tue Jan 4 02:56:55 GMT 2005

On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 04:17:41AM +0200, Thanos Tsouanas wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 05:37:48PM -0800, Brooks Davis wrote:
> > The OSS that sucks in Linux is mostly unrelated the the OSS drivers.
> > The only relation is that the most trivial portions of the API are the
> > same.  Don't judge FreeBSD's sound system by other people's crappy
> > implementations of the API.
> The comparison was not between lin OSS and lin ALSA but between
> fbsd OSS and lin ALSA but i do not take it for granted.
> Do you use FreeBSD with OSS and works fine?  Do you record?
> Please let me know your software/hardware inventory and how well
> it works for you.

If you believe OSS as implemented in FreeBSD won't work for you, that's
your call.  It wouldn't suprise me in the least since the desktop
has never been our primary focus.  I just wanted to be sure you were
comparing our code not the crap in Linux since that's usually what
people are doing.

-- Brooks

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