professional sound studio with freebsd, anyone?

Thanos Tsouanas thanos at
Mon Jan 3 19:58:37 GMT 2005


I would like to know if anyone here has set up a
professional-quality music studio based on open&free software.
Please let me know what you have used, software, OS and

I'm an openbsd user, ive used freebsd quite a lot in the past
but i have no more than a month's experience with linux.
I'm thinking of freebsd, netbsd or gentoo linux as an OS.
I saw some ports (like rosegarden) lagging behind in both freebsd
and netbsd..

Please share your experience with me.

P.S. Currently the studio i've been working in was based on
win/cubase/HALion ..  I'd like similar quality..


Thanos Tsouanas <thanos at> .: Sians           .:

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