Testers needed before MFC

Csaba Molnár (molnarcs) csabamolnar at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 11:13:25 PST 2005

On the other hand, it seems that my sound system is hosed somehow. I can't 
link it to these patches, only to my update to recent 6-STABLE (previously 
I've been using nov 26. stable with Ariff's nov. 26 patches). 

Amarok crashes when switching between songs, and I can't restart it unless I 
restart artsd as well. No matter what engine I use btw (it happens with xine 
as well). What's more, xmms crashes the same way as well (when switching 
between songs). 

Before I restart artsd, I notice that in top it stays in the state of ucond, 
whatever that means.

(unrelated: since the update to recent 6 stable, I can't quit firefox - I have 
to kill firefox-bin to be able to restart it again). 

Nevertheless, I'm going to see if I experience these problems without these 
patches applied.

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