TV/FM tunner problem

Mihai Tanasescu mihai at
Tue Dec 27 05:40:54 PST 2005


I've just recently received a tv/fm card which I only want to use for 
radio capabilities from console.

Unfortunately the card came without any box so I don't know it's 

I'm using:
FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE-p7.

I have loaded the bktr.ko, bktr_mem.ko, smbus.ko, iicbus.ko, iicbb.ko 

The dmesg output shows:

bktr0: MT2032: Companycode=1b1a Part=1a Revision=1b
bktr0: MT2032 not found or unknown type

On the card it says: Crystal TV/FM 3D Vision.

I have tried the tuner and card sysctl variables = 10 and fmio and have 
obtained the following:

radio # fmio -d bktr -f 106.7 -v 2 -i -s
stereo : signal
Driver: Brooktree BT848/BT878 Driver
Frequency: 106.70 MHz
Volume: 1
Signal: on
Stereo: on


1) I can't change that volume from 1 to 0, or to something greater than 1
2) I can't hear any sound in my sound card (the cable is connected 
between the tuner and the line in of the sound card)

I have tested the sound card by issuing cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp0.0 
and I can hear some sound.

I don't know what else to try or if I should buy another tunner (this 
time one that appears on the hardware supported list from the Freebsd site).

Do you have any advice, or am I doing something wrong ?


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