fujitsu siemens no sound driver in sndstat

Dmitry Pryanishnikov dmitry at
Wed Dec 21 01:04:10 PST 2005


On Wed, 21 Dec 2005, Vaida Bogdan wrote:
> I found a patch for the linux kernel:
> It patches: sound/pci/hda/hda_codec.c . Can this be ported to FBSD ?
> It's a simple patch and it seems it worked for that guy. Does the unix
> kernel have a "hda_codec" module?

  Um, no. Intel's HDA is _not_ a different codec, but a completely new design
of the sound engine. Linux and NetBSD people have already written support
for that engine, our haven't yet. Also, I don't like Intel's police to 
license all HDA implementations, read

    Implementation of the High Definition Audio Specification requires a
    license from Intel. Contributors to the High Definition Audio
    Specification have signed the High Definition Audio (Azalia)
    Developers Agreement and have provided input to the specification
    under the terms outlined in that agreement. Implementers that have
    signed the High Definition Audio Specification (Azalia) Adopter
    Agreement are licensed to produce products based on the specification
    under a reciprocal, royalty-free license to certain intellectual
    property rights from Intel and other Contributors and Adopters for
    their products that are compliant with the licensed versions of the
    High Definition Audio Specification.

  It sounds somehow restrictive, doesn't it? But NetBSD people have done it,
so I think FreeBSD people should be able to do it also. There is an increasing
bunch of new Intel's hardware which provides HDA as the only sound option, 
there is simply no other way around it.

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