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Tue Dec 20 12:35:37 PST 2005

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 21:30:34 +0200
Angel Todorov <attodorov at> wrote:
> none1 at pci0:20:2: class=0x040300 card=0x10a41734 chip=0x437b1002

Unfortunately, yours is more likely a HDA audio controller rather than
AC97 :( . Currently FreeBSD does not have support for this type of

If you're lucky enough, you may try this:

Replace /usr/src/sys/dev/sound/pci/atiixp.c with the above, recompile
atiixp module.

# cd /usr/src/sys/modules/sound/driver/atiixp/ && make install
# kldunload snd_atiixp
# kldload snd_atiixp

I cannot guarantee if this will work. Let us hope that the
legacy ac97 codec still there.

> rev=0x01 hdr=0x00    vendor   = 'ATI Technologies Inc'
>    class    = multimedia

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