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José M. Fandiño freebsd4 at
Thu Aug 25 11:35:28 GMT 2005

Julian Elischer wrote:
> Marco Molteni wrote:
> > On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 13:51:51 +0200
> > "José M. Fandiño"  <freebsd4 at> wrote:
> >>It's only an idea, but what about funding a port of alsa/v4l2?
> >>
> >>I'll be willing to contribute some money (of my salary) for this
> >>to happen.
> >
> > I think this is a good idea. I put 100 EUR on the table for
> > a v4l2 compatibility shim/API for fbsd.
> There already is one for V4L2  (a basic V4L2 implementation for FreeBSD).

good to know, however I don't want to wait two years to see a working
solution integrated in FBSD and since I can't contribute with code my 
proposition was paid for it. Also it will favour the BSD community and
you could enjoy with multimedia appls. and you favourite OS.

We are reaching the end of the 2005 year and a new wave of new multimedia 
technologies are beating the server(/client) side.

It would be interesting if a FBSD developer second this proposal.

> Christian Gusenbauer (CC'd) has written it.
> It looks good but I've not had time to get further.

As I said I will put 60e/month for a few months (it depends of the
stability of my current job)

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