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Gary Corcoran gcorcoran at
Wed Aug 24 20:25:37 GMT 2005

Marco Molteni wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 16:04:33 -0400
> Gary Corcoran <gcorcoran at> wrote:
> [..]
>>Umm - thanks - I found that page via google.  But that
>>page doesn't tell me *what* it is - or why Julian checked
>>code into it instead of FreeBSD...  :)
> it is a Software configuration management (SCM) or version control
> system, like CVS or subversion.
> it is more powerful than CVS (makes some tasks easier to do),
> and so some projects are done on the perforce tree and then
> eventually merged into the fbsd CVS tree.
> Perforce is commercial but is free to use for some kinds
> of usages like fbsd, check their site for details.

Thanks for the info, Marco.


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