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José M. Fandiño freebsd4 at
Wed Aug 24 11:52:27 GMT 2005

mark at wrote:
> dev at wrote:
> > > I'm afraid FreeBSD currently lacks support for USB video devices. There
> > > has been discussion of both porting V4L to BSD or creating a BSD video
> > > system, but I have yet to see any indication of when or if either will
> > > actually be available.
> > that would be really nice, finally a way to use my DVB-T card under FreeBSD
> > unfortunately I came to the same conclusion after reading -multimedia archi=
> > ve :(
> I think there would be a lot of support for this to happen, but it seems to be lacking in leadership and direction at the moment. The lack of a video capture framework for FreeBSD comes up all the time and is really hurting FreeBSD,
> Apps like TVTime, MythTV and Gnommeeting don't work properly on FreeBSD and this will cause people not to use it (we don't actually have a decently performing TV app on FreeBSD - mplayer is about as good as it gets and whilst that maintains a decent framerate, latency is nasty.).

It's only an idea, but what about funding a port of alsa/v4l2?

I'll be willing to contribute some money (of my salary) for this 
to happen. I know about the freebsd foundation but they haven't 
multimedia as a primary goal. Perhaps some FBSD developer might 
post a formal requests.

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