USB camera

mark at mark at
Wed Aug 24 09:49:32 GMT 2005

dev at wrote:
> > I'm afraid FreeBSD currently lacks support for USB video devices. There
> > has been discussion of both porting V4L to BSD or creating a BSD video
> > system, but I have yet to see any indication of when or if either will
> > actually be available.
> that would be really nice, finally a way to use my DVB-T card under FreeBSD
> unfortunately I came to the same conclusion after reading -multimedia archi=
> ve :(

I think there would be a lot of support for this to happen, but it seems to be lacking in leadership and direction at the moment. The lack of a video capture framework for FreeBSD comes up all the time and is really hurting FreeBSD,

Apps like TVTime, MythTV and Gnommeeting don't work properly on FreeBSD and this will cause people not to use it (we don't actually have a decently performing TV app on FreeBSD - mplayer is about as good as it gets and whilst that maintains a decent framerate, latency is nasty.).


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