SB 3DSE ioctl() patch

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Sun Aug 14 09:40:34 GMT 2005

On Sat, 13 Aug 2005 13:57:53 -0700
Julian Elischer <julian at> wrote:

> Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> > 
> > I haven't looked at the patch, but from looking at the names of the
> > files I assume you've a program which kust is responsible for
> > activating the 3D stereo enhancement. While this enables this
> > functionality (which is good), there should be a generic "sndctl"
> > program which allows to manipulates multiple settings. So the sndctl
> > program could be called in this case for exmaple as "sndctl 3dse
> > on" (or something like this). Maybe you can add some rough command line
> > parsing to your program which reacts on a keyword like above? Ideally
> > it should support the "-f" option like mixer(8) does.
> > 
> > I want to work on something like this for the s/pdif <-> analog
> > features (ATM only available as sysctl's in -current), but I don't know
> > when I get time to do it. Your ctl program could then be enhanced to
> > also handle this (and maybe other things like querying for such
> > capabilities and print them together with the current state of
> > operation).
> Isn't "mixer" the equivalent of "sndctl"?
> Just add the functionality to mixer..

% man -k mixer
mixer(8)                 - set/display soundcard mixer values

For me the mixer is a device which controls the volume level of various
streams and is responsible how to mix those streams into each other.
The mixer(8) program is a program which allows to manipulate the mixer
(let's compare it with network routing and bandwith management).

The sndctrl program would be responsible to query and change various
properties/capabilities of the soundsystem (let's compare it with
configuring a network interface with ifconfig) which don't have to be
related to the mixer, e.g. Ariff is working on "slave-channels", which
decouple the hardware buffer from the userland buffer. ATM
slave-channels are controled by a sysctl like the vchans. This could be
changed to be controled by sndctl. I don't think this falls into the
responsibility of mixer(8).

What are the arguments to integrate it into mixer(8)?


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