WIP: multimedia/XdTV port

Sir Pingus pingus_77 at yahoo.fr
Tue Aug 9 09:08:26 GMT 2005


Known "running" problems:
- no sound source selection support (general problem, no support for it
at all) - for me this equals no sound. [1]

Ho.... so a patch seems to be needed

- no channel scanning (it's based on v4l and I'm not aware of any
working software that does this for FreeBSD - xawtv doesn't find any
channels for me - it scans for them but doesn't lock on) - copy your
channels from ~/.xawtv

Yes we know that. xdtv_scan which is based on the scan software from XawTV doesn't work on *BSD system. I don't know if there is something like such software that works on *BSD.

- trying to use Xosd or Mozaic Channels makes it stopping to accept
input and you'll have to Ctrl+C it which will generate a core (either
threading problem or something masked by libpthread - I haven't have
time to debug) [2]

Could be interessting to know why..

- scheduling recording doesn't work (not everybody run linux - some of
the *.sh files installed need to be modified from bash to sh) [3]



- NLS support doesn't work because of a problem ./configure has with
testing for gettext so no internationalization for now.

you meen that the "gettext" test don't work on *BSD?

- you actually need misc/alevt for teletext support (xdtv contains
alevt source code but it doesn't actually build alevt binary, only
xdtv_alevt-cap - and the port won't pull it for you right now, so you
have to install it manually. [4]

Why? AleVT is inside the XdTV software now (version 1.6.1). I just restore for you the possibility to use png format to export as a picture and AleVT teletext capture. I also restore the "smallfont" possibility. Third, I apply the patch about html export you suggest me.

- playback of captured streams needs mplayer (or an other player) - the
port won't install it for you [5]

Ok course.

- the same for dvd recording (xdtv_makedvd.sh) (depends:
mplayer,mjpegtools,dvdauthor,toolame - BTW, what's toolame ?) [6]

Of course too.

When writing patches please consider that we have very good chances to
propagate them upstream, thanks to the support of one of the developers,
Pingus, so please try not to break non-FreeBSD cases.

Yes please. If we commit any patch from *BSD user these patch must also work for *Linux too.

About the modification to test BT8xx presence, do you think your patch will work on all *BSD system? 

-#include <machine/ioctl_meteor.h> <==== this doesn't works??

-#include <machine/ioctl_bt848.h> <==== this doesn't works??

+#include <dev/bktr/ioctl_meteor.h>

+#include <dev/bktr/ioctl_bt848.h>

- AC_CHECK_HEADERS(dev/ic/bt8xx.h) <==== this doesn't works??

+ AC_CHECK_HEADERS(dev/bktr/ioctl_bt848.h)

and you don't modify that:


 #include <dev/ic/bt8xx.h> <============ so why /dev/ic and sometimes /dev/bktr. What is the best to test the drivers?

2) about font/Makefile.in:



I'm  not sure we use this line actually. perhaps we have to remove it.

3) about xdtv_wizard: I don't understand what you do on it. we suggest to copy the conf file in /etc/xdtv. for the internationalization we propose the same. Why changing the path?

4) divx4linux OFF : yes of course it work only for linux. ALSA: there is no alsa on BSD?

5) explain me why you need a complete path for JPEG header:

-# include <jpeglib.h>

+# include </usr/local/include/jpeglib.h>


Bye Pingus 

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