SB 3DSE ioctl() patch

John Baldwin jhb at
Mon Aug 8 17:46:49 GMT 2005

On Saturday 06 August 2005 05:50 am, A. Wik wrote:
> (This was originally addressed to Cameron Grant, the author
> of the files I modified.  Unfortunately, my message bounced,
> and shortly thereafter, I learned that he passed away earlier
> this year [1].  I hope this forum is an appropriate alternative.)
> [1]
>   ****
> Hello,
> I just installed a Soundblaster 16 (DSP v4.16) in my FreeBSD
> machine, and found no way to enable the 3D stereo enhancement
> feature that the Linux, DOS and Win9x drivers support.  So I
> looked at the Linux driver sources and decided to add a
> compatible mixer ioctl() to the FreeBSD driver.  That turned
> out to be a lot more complicated than expected, because there
> was no existing interface for this kind of hardware-specific
> ioctls.
> After extensive reverse-engineering of the FreeBSD driver
> model (studying the UART and TTY drivers was particularly
> helpful), and adding a method to the mixer interface, I
> managed to implement the feature, at least to the extent
> that it works for me.
> Perhaps you could take a look at the patch to verify that
> it doesn't break anything, and consider adding it to the
> mainstream kernel?  The patch and a utility for testing
> it is available from my FTP site:
> Regards,
> A. Wik

multimedia@ (cc'd) is probably a better list for discussing a patch to the 
sound drivers.  Hopefully someone here can provide feedback and help you get 
this into the tree.

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