WIP: multimedia/XdTV port

Ion-Mihai Tetcu itetcu at people.tecnik93.com
Sat Aug 6 15:57:12 GMT 2005


XdTV is a software that allows you to watch TV.
It interacts with AleVT for Teletext and Nxtvepg for NextView.
It uses BKTR module for accessing the TV card.
It can use deinterlacing filters and record audio / video files with the
lame, ffmpeg, xvid, and divx codecs *even while you watch*

If you:
mkdir /usr/ports/multimedia/xdtv
cd /usr/ports/multimedia/xdtv
save the attached shar in it and
sh xdtv.2.2.0.shar
you'll have a somehow working version of XdTV 2.2.0

This is quick and dirty work; I wanted to have something to record
while watching and I had no contact with tv cards and software until 2
weeks ago.

Known "running" problems:
- no sound source selection support (general problem, no support for it
at all) - for me this equals no sound. [1]
- no channel scanning (it's based on v4l and I'm not aware of any
working software that does this for FreeBSD - xawtv doesn't find any
channels for me - it scans for them but doesn't lock on) - copy your
channels from ~/.xawtv
- trying to use Xosd or Mozaic Channels makes it stopping to accept
input and you'll have to Ctrl+C it which will generate a core (either
threading problem or something masked by libpthread - I haven't have
time to debug) [2]
- scheduling recording doesn't work (not everybody run linux - some of
the *.sh files installed need to be modified from bash to sh) [3]

Known port problems:
- CFLAGS are not passed down
- I might have missed some DEPENDS
- NLS support doesn't work because of a problem ./configure has with
testing for gettext so no internationalization for now.
- NXTVEPG support is untested, I have no station broadcasting with it.
- you actually need misc/alevt for teletext support (xdtv contains
alevt source code but it doesn't actually build alevt binary, only
xdtv_alevt-cap - and the port won't pull it for you right now, so you
have to install it manually. [4]
- playback of captured streams needs mplayer (or an other player) - the
port won't install it for you [5]
- the same for dvd recording (xdtv_makedvd.sh) (depends:
mplayer,mjpegtools,dvdauthor,toolame - BTW, what's toolame ?) [6]

What can you do to help:
- test the port and send me feedback; I'm just upgrading from 5-STABLE
to 6 on i386 so there could be other problems (all test done on
5-STABLE); I don't have 4.x so please send patches for it if something
doesn't work right. *Please* include `uname -a` in your mail.
- try to address any of the known problems above and/or any new
problems you discover (but please let me and the others know on what
you work so we don't duplicate the effort)

When writing patches please consider that we have very good chances to
propagate them upstream, thanks to the support of one of the developers,
Pingus, so please try not to break non-FreeBSD cases.

[1] this should be first addressed upstream, I think
[2] gdb won't do much good, you'll need something like valgrind; also
compiling against a different threads lib might help running better
and/or uncovering some other problems (try linux-threads, if you have
time, esp. on 4,x)
[3] if you know/like bash and have time to translate this scripts to a
bash-compatible sh so we may push it upstream please do, else I'll
just rewrite them in sh and we'll have to keep them local
[4] or make it build it from included sources
[5] + [6] I'll address this issues via OPTIONS

I'm due for some to long post-phoned 
(more-that...=my piezzo cigarettes lighter) so I might be slow on

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