xawtv questions

Karel Miklav karel at inetis.com
Tue Aug 2 05:41:48 GMT 2005

Ion-Mihai Tetcu wrote:
>>> - I have to select select each time the sound source 
>>> (internal/external since tuner doesn't seem to provide anything);
>>> I haven't found a way to set the sound source in xawtv docs.
>> There's nothing in the docs, I guess it just works for some cards.
>> I made a little change in the sources, if you want to see it I can
>> send it later.
> Please do. I start looking in the sources, both motv and bktr, but
> I'm still missing something (actually I know how to force audio
> source modifying bktr sources, which "strangely" are easier to
> understand but that isn't the right solution).

When input on bktr driver is changed, audio on some cards seem to be
reset. I'm not shure whether this is intentional or not as I didn't
threw my eyes on the driver itself yet. Anyway, a small change in
file drv0-bsd.c at function bsd_write_attr() helps:

      case ATTR_ID_INPUT:
         xioctl(h->tfd, BT848_SAUDIO, &audio_map[2]);  // fix

First ioctl changes video input and does something undefined to the
audio channel. The second ioctl is my fix - I explicitly assign audio
channel. &audio_map[2] is for internal line, change this as
appropriate. I didn't want to invest more time into this because
what I really want is audio to work in mplayer.

>  > cat ~/.mplayer/input.conf
> MOUSE_BTN0 tv_step_channel 1
> MOUSE_BTN2 tv_step_channel -1
> Left button mouse click change one station down and right button one up.
> (see: mplayer -input keylist, mplayer -input cmdlist)

Wow, great. I only need to fix the audio channel in bktr now...


Karel Miklav

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