Using uaudio(4) on systems withoug ISA bus

Tilman Linneweh tilman at
Tue Apr 26 07:57:46 PDT 2005

* Mathew Kanner [2005-04-26 16:02]:
> > I have tried to use my USB Headphone on my Mac mini.
> > 
> > Unfortunately the sound system seems to require an ISA Bus, because in
> > channel.c sndbuf_dmasetdir and sndbuf_dmabounce are used, which are only
> > compiled if there is an isa device.
> > 
> > Without knowing what i am doing i commented out these lines and everything
> > seems to compile and work, apart from mixer(8) saying Device not configured
> > and the following LOR on the first sound output:
> 	I think you have two very interesting issues here.  I'm busy
> right now but I'll try to get time to look at them, don't give up if
> you don't here from me :)  I anticipate this hump will be over in a
> couple of days but maybe through 'till the weekend
> 	1/ There is a dependency on ISA in the generic PCM code.  This
> is news to me and we need to get rid of it.

Well, i was a bit surprised too, because i have not figured out yet, how yongari
resolved this for the sparc64 cs4231 driver. 
(His original patch at 
works around the problem, see the first XXX, but he did not commit this part) 

Unfortunately i don't understand much of the soundsystem code yet.

> 	2/ There is a lock order reversal.  We haven't seen one of
> these in a while for the sound code. 
> 	Just to clear things up for me, when you say Mac mini, this
> means you aren't running the standard i386/amd64, right?
> 	--Mat

Exactly, this is FreeBSD/powerpc.

Thanks for your quick reply


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