Is it MIDI yet? (fwd)

Robert Krten root at
Sun Apr 24 19:38:46 PDT 2005

> On Feb 11, Joel Ray Holveck wrote:
> > I've been holding off on going to 5.3 because the MIDI driver 
> > evaporated.  I'm getting a bit tired of waiting.  I know that nobody 
> > owes me anything when it comes to FreeBSD, but you can understand that 
> > I'm a bit frustrated.
> > 
> > What happened to the new framework?  Why was the old framework removed? 
> >  Should it be re-added, until the new one is finished?
> 	I'm the guy working on Midi and I just got back to it.  My
> available time fluctuates, and I've been busy, sick, etc, etc.
> Anyway, previosuly, the MIDI that was removed did not with any cards
> (that I know of) other than CSA.  So I don't think there is any point
> in being frustrated with its removal.  Also, I've posted a few times
> to the list a replacement that you can test if you have either a
> soundblaster live or a es137x.  Present problems including broken
> sound recording and no-AMD64.
> 	I plan to have a cross-compilable version available this
> weekend.

Hi Mat et al.,

My motherboard claims to have an MPU401-compatible midi port on it,
and I'm wondering if the stuff you've done will work with that?
If so, I'd be happy to be a trial tester of the new stuff.

If not, can you tell me if the old framework would work with that h/w,
and, if so, how I'd go about enabling it?  I've pulled down all the
CVS files that I can think of dating back to 10 months ago, but it
still doesn't work (he said, vaguely).  It (midi.c, mpu.c) compiles
(with tweaks for dev_t -> struct cdev* etc.); the sequencer.c
doesn't compile yet (a few warnings left), but my device never
shows up in /dev, nor is there any message in dmesg about it.
This is on an i386.
Suggestions?  Do you recall what I need to put into my conf file,
is just "device midi" sufficient, or are there other things?

Thanks in advance!


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