patch for bktr(4): don't reset tuner on open/close

Julian Elischer julian at
Sat Apr 23 21:42:35 PDT 2005

Jacob Meuser wrote:
> the following is a patch that is in OpenBSD's bktr.
> the idea is to not reset the tuner device on open(2) and close(2).
> effects:
>   - don't need to hold /dev/tuner open to get audio.
>   - selected channelset won't get clobbered on open/close.  IMO, the
>     current behaviour here is idiotic.  the channelset has nothing to
>     do with the hardware.  it is internally used by the driver.  also,
>     this is IMO a much cleaner fix to the problems with V4L programs
>     not tuning properly because they never set the channelset.  now
>     the correct channelset can be set at bootup with something like
>     bsdbktrtvtune or whatever, instead of rebuilding the kernel with
>     the default channelset hardcoded into the driver.
> BTW, I haven't tested this on FreeBSD at all.  it might need some
> tweaking.  the diff is also set up so that BKTR_NO_OPEN_RESET must
> be defined to enable it.  ultimately, I think this should be the
> default behaviour.

can you comment on what you mean by "V4L programs"?
(since we don't have V4L on freeBSD (as such))

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