region code in cdrecord

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sat Apr 23 14:46:23 PDT 2005

I am really doing rather well here; I got dvd copying to work via 'k3b'. 
  Now, I want to go for broke, and try for the one I've been after for 
years, which is converting a region==2 dvd to a region==1 dvd (Britain 
to US).  I have a dvd taht you can't buy in the US, I've tried, and the 
British won't sell it in region code 1, so I want to convert the one I 
went ahead and purchased anyhow.  Once I get it converted, I figure I 
can toss out the old region==2 version and remain lily-white and  pure 
as far as honesty goes.

Anyhow, I have looked REALLY hard to find out how to set teh region code 
that k3b writes (via cdrdao and cdrecord) but I can't find it.  I found 
the point in the code that cdrecord reads it from the disk, but not 
where it writes it.

I'd REALLY appreciate some help here, this is one of those 'forever' 
projects that I never really expected to get going, but you never know ....

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