Soundcard ESS ES1869: changes in RELEASE 5.3

Peter Much pmc at
Thu Apr 14 01:12:27 PDT 2005

Support for this soundcard has changed in Release 5.3.

Earlier Releases needed to configure 

	device	pcm
	device	snd_sbc

for this card.

But now it is neccessary to configure

	device	sound
	device	snd_ess
	device	snd_sbc

"device sound" replaces the former "device pcm", but now "device
snd_ess" is also needed.

If only the former two drivers are included, then the card will be
detected, but the "sound" driver will not see the card and no device
nodes get created.

When loading runtime modules, only "snd_ess.ko" is necessary, and
will automatically load the other two.


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