Followup to DVD Burning question

Arne Wörner arne_woerner at
Wed Apr 13 01:22:14 PDT 2005

--- Tim Aslat <tim at> wrote:
> I asked recently about burning a DVD disk under FreeBSD,
> and received several replies.  However I don't think I
> explained myself clearly enough. 
> [...]
> Something like
> cat /dev/cxm0 | growisofs -Z - 
> would be ideal, but I don't know if or how well it would work.
That's how I do backups with a DVD-RW:
  tar cf - ... | dd of=/dev/acd0 obs=32k conv=osync

Unluckily my DVD-RW's cannot be used for UFS with my burner... I
do not know why.

But I would like to point out, that somebody here mentioned, that
UDF might work...

But my dd-proceeding works fine... If you want you can compare the
output of dd (output blocks should be similar to 143618) or check
its error code or look for unusaly output...


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