Anyone working on V4L2 for BSD?

Julian Elischer julian at
Tue Apr 12 13:14:51 PDT 2005

Jacob Meuser wrote:

>On Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 11:51:14AM -0700, Julian Elischer wrote:
>>I'm considerring it.. It looks quite doable. (assuming we can get 
>>compatible include files
>>without copyright problems.)
>I can forsee at least one big obstacle in the bktr driver.  it is
>necessary to call TVTUNER_SETTYPE before setting the tuner, even if
>you use TVTUNER_SETFREQ, which is quite different than V4L2.
>there are several bugs lurking in bktr.  for example, why are the
>U saturation and V saturation ranges different? according to the
>datasheets they should be the same.  also notice that on startup
>bktr reports a U saturation above the supposed limit!

If you supply fixes.. and others can test them, I can commit them..
I don't have a bktr card.

>I'd much rather see the problems fixed than a shim added to it.
>how about working about multiple frame buffers?  that's probably need
>for many V4L2 programs.  IMO, it would be better (maybe even easier)
>to rewrite bktr with a V4L2 interface than to try to add V4L2 to it.

I wasn't planning on either, but rather making a v4l2 framework to allow
drivers and utilities to hook to each other.. whether the bktr driver 
gets rewritten
or shimmed is an orthogonal question :-)

>but, IMO, the best thing would be to fix bktr and document it better.

anyone who wants to fix or rewrite it is quite welcome to do so..
if it's an improvement, it'll get committed..

I'm interested in webcams at the moment. I want to see if it's possible 
to make it easier for
people to port such things as gnome-meeting (higher rev than the port) 
so that we can get
some real videoconferencing in freeBSD.

>some bktr programs ->

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