patch to src/sys/dev/sound/pcm/ac97.c

David E. Cross crossd at
Sat Apr 9 21:56:27 PDT 2005

I would like to request the following be added to
src/sys/dev/sound/pcm/ac97.c prior to 5.4-RELEASE (if at all possible)

*** ac97.c.orig Sun Apr 10 00:49:08 2005
--- ac97.c      Sun Apr 10 00:48:29 2005
*** 129,134 ****
--- 129,135 ----
        { 0x41445360, 0x00, 0, "AD1885",        0 },
        { 0x41445361, 0x00, 0, "AD1886",        ad1886_patch },
        { 0x41445362, 0x00, 0, "AD1887",        0 },
+       { 0x41445368, 0x00, 0, "AD1888",        ad198x_patch },
        { 0x41445363, 0x00, 0, "AD1886A",       0 },
        { 0x41445370, 0x00, 0, "AD1980",        ad198x_patch },
        { 0x41445372, 0x00, 0, "AD1981A",       0 },

I can summarize its affects to various classes of people:

Affects to people without an AD1888 codec:


Affects to people WITH an AD1888 codec, the system will output to the port
labeled "speaker" instead of microphone.  System will work the same in
multiple operating systems.

If people are currently using their systems with this codec they will need
to swap their output ports.

I have _not_ checked audio input or line input (basically, I have checked
nothing other than line-out).

I believe this is an appropriate change, it makes us consistent with
documentation, and other operating systems.  Furthermore, this feature
(playing) is the vast majority of sound activities, so if this makes is
right for playback and wrong for recording... playback is more important,
and we can fix recoding in the future without worries of screwing people
again in the future (since we'll be "right" on the playback).

David E. Cross

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