Free: 10 Sigma REALmagic MPEG PCI decoder cards

Richard Hodges rh at
Thu Apr 7 10:17:32 PDT 2005

I hate to think of the money I spent on these, but I really don't have any
use for them whatsoever.  So if anyone wants to create a FreeBSD driver or
has any other use for these, just let me know.

This is a box of ten Sigma PCI MPEG decoder cards.  The main chip is
labeled "REALmagic EM7210", and other chips include "REALmagic EM9000" and

I have no programming information for these, just a few Win95 and NT
driver floppies.

I will ship to anywhere in the 48 continental states of the USA.

I expect that I will end up tossing them in the dumpster :-( but just in
case anyone is interested, let me know.

All the best,


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