KDE Front End for mPlayer

Nathan Alan Souer nate at nathansouer.com
Thu Oct 21 20:27:21 PDT 2004

Hello everyone,
	Thanks in advance for any help. Still pretty fresh newbie here with FreeBSD 
and *nix in general. I have been trying to find a front end for mplayer in 
KDE 3.2. My system is 4.10, with an essentially generic kernel with sound 
drivers added. I have tried "making" both kmplayer, and kplayer from the 
ports tree. Both error out citing a dependancy on openldap-2.2.17
I have tried to upgrade openldap using pkg_update and portupgrade, neither can 
find the upgraded software:

seminary# pkg_update openldap-2.2.17
Can't find package file openldap-2.2.17

seminary# portupgrade openldap-2.2.17
** No such installed package: openldap-2.2.17

Would someone please be so kind as to give me some direction? Is there another 
available front end? Everything I find on the web is Linux, I would much 
prefer a full port. Or is my mistake above simply a syntax error?

Thanks again in advance for any help. Also please CC your reponses to my 
e-mail address I am not a suscriber to any of the lists.
Nathan Alan Souer
nate at nathansouer.com

"Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard, be evil."

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