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Tim Aslat tim at
Thu Oct 21 15:38:47 PDT 2004

In the immortal words of "Mark Beaver" <beaverm at>...
> What software is the most reliable for recording and playing back (not
> necessarily the same) and the front end.

Depends on your hardware.  If you have a Hauppauge PVR 250/350 and John
Wehle's driver port installed, then you can just use "dd" from the raw
device and have a very clean MPEG2 stream.  On the other hand, if you
have a capture card based on the BrookTree chipsets, then you can use
mencoder/mplayer or fxtv for viewing/capture and playback.

> I've still considering my options for the project, and want to base my
> info off of that.

My personal recommendation is go for the Hauppauge cards, I have a PVR
350 and it just works beautifully.

Also, try searching the list archives.  This has been discussed quite a
bit over the past year or so.



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