FreeBSD PVR -- any suggestions would be helpful

Mark Beaver beaverm at
Mon Oct 18 16:40:56 PDT 2004

Ok, modified my config a bit... (found some spare parts laying around)

850 Duron
512 Megs of memory.
(pulling hd's and such) 

I believe it's a UDMA/100 board (not sure) and I know the drives are.

I plan on going with the 250 depending upon how well I can get the output
working, I'm going to build just a player first, and get that working then
toss whatever card I need for the incoming (based on performance) for

Any suggestions for sound cards?

What I'd want is:

At least a digital output (optical or coax) with support for digital sound
(dts or dd).

I'm not sure of sound on FreeBSD, as most of my builds for it are
workstations without sound/good video or servers.



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> I'd like to build a FreeBSD based PVR station with at least Svideo
> output and ideally digital coax sound (maybe not dolby digital) 
> Currently I have:
> P3 350
> 448 Megs of ram
> 160Gigs of storage
> I'd like to know if anyone has had any luck with this type of system
> if so, what kind of hardware.
> If anyone thinks I'd need more hardware, please by all means let me
> know what you've had work for you, (working on a budget so nothing
> extra ordinary) I more or less just want a system that will record
> reasonably well, and possibly play back simultaneously if possible
> (given budget)
> Anyone have any suggestions ideas for hardware or software
> FWIW: I'm looking for video cards w/ svideo out, and an encoder card
> (Hauppauge, or the like)

For svideo out I would suggest either a cheap ATI or nVidia card...

for the video recoding stuff, you have two choices, a PVR-250/350,
which now has a driver in the ports, or a Brooktree Bt848/849/878/879
card. Brooktree cards are cheap now days. You can get them for like 30
USD or slightly less now.

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