PVR-250/350 driver in the ports tree

Edwin Groothuis edwin at mavetju.org
Fri Oct 15 05:32:23 PDT 2004


A couple of weeks ago I became the happy owner of a PVR-250 card
and of course ran into all possible problems I could imagine. To
make a long story short, it all works now, thanks to the posting
of John Wehle of his cxm driver.

To make this driver more accessible to others (multimedia newbies
like me), I asked his permission to put this driver into the ports
collection. Now that the ports-freeze has ended, I have commited
the driver into the ports tree: multimedia/pvr250 (I could of course
have called it multimedia/cxm, sysutils/cxm, multimedia/pvr250-350
etc, but since I only had a PVR-250 I stuck with it).

What does the port do right now? It installs, if all pre-requisites
are fullfilled, the cxm.ko and cxm_iic.ko modules. It gives some
background information about the how to check if the card works.
It has a disclaimer that I'm only the port maintainer and don't
know anything about the software or the cards themselves.

If you have such a card, please see if you can get the card working
with the port!

What can go wrong:
- Complaints about checksum mismatch of the hcwPVRP2.sys: run "make
  makesum" and try again.
- ??? <- tell me and I'll try to fix it!


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