Unable to get my Sony F828 to work with BSD....

Richard Hodges rh at matriplex.com
Tue Nov 30 17:05:35 PST 2004

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004, Martes Wigglesworth wrote:

> I get the following output when I connect my cammera using "Normal"
> mode:
> dmesg|grep umass0
> umass0: Sony Sony DSC, rev 2.00/5.00, addr 2
> umass0: CBI reset failed, STALLED
> umass0: CBI reset failed, STALLED
> umass0: CBI reset failed, STALLED
> umass0: CBI reset failed, STALLED
> umass0: CBI reset failed, STALLED

I don't know much about the USB driver and protocols, but it sounds like
there is some problem communicating.

> When I use PTP, which is the only way that I have seen this version of
> the camera used successfully, I don't get any errors like that,
> however,  I get an unknown error when I use ghoto2 --auto-detect.

Sorry, I don't have any answers, but maybe some questions might give the
spark that leads to the answer?

If you are using the "Pro" memory sticks, maybe they have a different
format than MSDOS?  Or maybe the "Pro" sticks use a different USB
protocol (USB2 maybe)?  It might be worth doing some experiments with the
non-Pro sticks, if you haven't already...

Also, there is a Sony firmware update for the F828 (2.0 3/29/2004) that is
supposed to fix some problems, including corruption when using USB2.

> PS.
> Any help is appreciated.  Please no comments about "googling," because
> if I could "google" the answer, then I would not need to be on a mailing
> list, now would I.  Please don't think that I am trying to be rude,
> however, everytime I ask a question on one of these BSD lists, someone
> says something about looking on the internet, as if I just don't know
> how to use a search engine.

Yep, there is one in every crowd, someone who does not understand the
difference between a million pages of marginally useful crap and a few
informative "been there, done that" responses from one's peers.

Hope you find the answer! :-)


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