VCD (DivX) to DVD

Achilleus Mantzios achill at
Wed Nov 24 06:14:38 PST 2004

O Steve O'Hara-Smith έγραψε στις Nov 24, 2004 :

> On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 13:20:15 +0000
> Phil Brennan <phil.brennan at> wrote:
> > No, your cdrom is a videocd ( VCD ), mpeg1. Its an old standard that
> > most dvd players will play. What you've done there is turn a vcd into
> > a divx, which is even less likely to work in your dvd player. You need
> > to output to mpeg2 instead of mpeg4.
> 	There's a little more to it than that unfortunately. DVDs need
> vobs which are almost but not quite mpeg2 streams they have additional
> navigation packets in them. The only way I've managed to make them on
> FreeBSD is to produce an mpeg2 video file and an mp2 audio file and
> multiplex them with tcmplex (from the transcode port). I usually use
> ffmpeg to do the recoding into a vob file (which doesn't work) and then
> split it with mpeg2desc (it's in the dvdauthor port) and recombine it with 
> tcmplex. See my post of July 8 with subject "Re: Hauppauge PVR-350 -> 
> DVD query" for the mpeg2desc and tcmplex options I use.

Currently all your precious info is starting to make sense to me,
altho still chinese!,

i'll come back in Friday with more questions!

> 	I think that the current CVS version of ffmpeg should make DVD
> usable vob format straight off (without splitting and recombining) but
> I haven't had a chance to try it.


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