High xmms CPU usage

Scott Long scottl at freebsd.org
Sun Nov 21 14:47:29 PST 2004

nocturnal wrote:
> Hello
> After i stripped my kernel of 486 and 586 cpu support my xmms has 
> started to use more cpu. It used to be that xmms took around 0-1% and 
> that was when i had it up on the desktop with visuals moving on it, 
> minimized it took nothing in cpu. Now it wobbles around 4-6% constantly 
> when i'm playing music, i noticed this pretty fast since it shows quite 
> well in the gkrellm application when you are used to seeing nothing at all.
> System specs:
> IBM Thinkpad R40 using pcm for sound on FreeBSD 4.10 with latest xmms port.

Just to be sure, did you by chance accidentally enable INVARIANTS and/or
WITNESS when you recompiled your kernel?


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