Haupauge TV Tuner card

Steven S. steven at 403forbidden.net
Sat Nov 20 16:54:21 PST 2004

Not here. I've got a old WINTV DBX/FM card which has worked flawlessly. 
I'm using 5.3-RELEASE (too lazy to cvsup presently, busy with other 
headaches) and xorg just fine. I did notice this though, performance is 
worse in 5.3 than 5.2.1 but i've been xorg for awhile.

What card do you have?

Now if I could just get my damn PVR-250 working. I tried adding my 
tuner_code (0x55) to cxm_eeprom.c, defining it in cxm.h and copying the 
cxm_tuners format in cxm_tuners.c but it never detects the tuner. Odd that 
if I change the tuner code for the  LG Innotek TAPC-H701F to 0x55 (for 
grins) it actually thought it was a LG but I couldn't attach to the tuner.

It appears that in cxm_tuners.c that most devices share the same 
parameters for the most part so maybe i'm missing another code change 

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, David Turgeon wrote:

> Hello,
> I've recently installed FreeBSD 5.3 stable.  It currently has Xorg
> running which I recently updated through cvsup.  However, I've never
> been able to configure FXTV, Xawtv or even mplayer successfully on it.
> I tried to run ktrace <program>  .  However, this didn't log anything
> either since my whole system quite literally freezes.  I've
> successfully installed FXTv on 5.1 with no problems whatsoever.  This
> version was also using X11R6.  I'm starting to think that my problem
> might be Xorg related.  Does anyone else here notice any problems with
> TVTuner cards and Xorg causing their system to freeze to the point of
> not responding at all?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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