TV Tuner Card support under FreeBSD

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at
Mon Nov 8 12:34:59 PST 2004

On Monday, 8. November 2004 19:43, Jacob Meuser wrote:

> The All-in-Wonder cards are supported by the Gatos project, but I'm not
> sure if the Gatos TV programs work in FreeBSD.

The GATOS maintainer recently made moves to get the GATOS code merged into the 
xorg ati drivers, so the support should finally become somewhat more easily 
to obtain for end-users in the foreseeable future.

> As far as support for this in XawTV, I doubt it.  I'm pretty sure XawTV
> only supports bktr(4) and v4l(2).

Have a look at the xawtv manpage, section SUPPORTED HARDWARE / INTERFACES.

> BTW, XawTV would be more useful with bktr(4) (would be able to use all
> the libavcodec formats available through libquicktime)


I personally have been using mplayer for watching and grabbing TV ever since 
the bsdbt848 driver started to work on FreeBSD, with its great video filters 
and codec support it's easily the best application in terms of picture 
quality and recording support, it very much lacks wrt to the interface though 
(the mplayer gui has no support for tv mode at all, only non-gui version with 
keyboard shortcuts works). And mplayer's tv-input indeed has no support for 

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