Image capture

Olivier Nicole on at
Wed Nov 3 17:12:37 PST 2004


I have an application that does image capture for video surveillance.

It was designed on 4.x, nowdays running on 4.10 and using a video
capture card with a Brooktree 484 chipset. The capture function is
copied from the meteor example.

Now I am requested to port that application to 25 new boxes. Ideally
I'd love to locates hardware that work with the existing software but
I will never be able to find bktr 484 card.

And the solution must be cheap (so firewire may not be the solution).

I cannot spend too much time testing so would prefer to stick to 4.10,
and certainly cannot spend money on a solution that may not work.

I am looking for any advice in the USB direction or traditionnal PCI
video capture card.

best regards,


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