dancing with the daemon

Gao Long urgaolong at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 07:08:42 PDT 2004

I used the splash module which to splash a picture at boot time . As I 
am not so satisfied with it , I want to animate it : give it a movie at boot
It need some extra work than just load the splash module . 
first , it need a cold boot timer , as the soft clock interrupt will not be 
scheduled at cold boot time . 
second , we need to load more than one pictures at boot time.
and finally we have to start and stop it at any time we wanted.
while , I am sure now I have proved it is pratical , I let the kernel execute 
the soft clock interrupt handler function at cold boot time . and splashed 
two different pictures at boot time , letting the daemon walked a little :)
without any twinkled delay , even when not optimised now.
There are still some things to do to accomplish it , it there any one who 
is already doing it ? Or could I get any kind of suggestions ?

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