Audio and video in different places with bktr

Steve O'Hara-Smith steve at
Wed May 5 13:10:15 PDT 2004


	I have hit an odd problem with my bktr (Pinnacle PC/TV) card which
worked perfectly happily on a Dutch UPC cable feed, but when connected to
a Sky digibox (satellite system) in Ireland tunes video and audio in
different places for the same channel. Using xawtv I can get the picture on
channel 68 (which is where it should be) but the audio requires a fine tune
to +26 (or +41) by which time the picture has gone blue, I can get similar
effects in mplayer, fxtv and ffmpeg.

	I have tried fiddling with the tuner sysctl and the channel set but
nothing changes. My guess is that the audio carrier is at an unexpected
offset from the video, but I can't see where to hack to adjust it.

	Searching the archives revealed quite a number of posts from people
with video and no audio or poor audio but no resolution of their problems,
perhaps there is a clue here.

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