best cd ripping option.

Lex Hider alexeijh at
Wed May 5 08:42:46 PDT 2004

OK, there are 2 things I'd like help with:

What's the recommended or best way for ripping audio
CDs in FreeBSD-5.X? That is putting music CD to HD for
encoding ogg/flac/mp3 etc.

cdparanoia/cdda2wav/dagrab or "dd"ing /dev/acd0tX?
should I be using the native atapi code for my ide-CD-drive
or is the atapicam module recommended? [I must say that I
have had trouble finding much on atapicam. e.g. why/when it
should be used, advantages over normal atapi, performance
considerations, is it better for burning, etc.]

I'm having some weird behavior with cdparanoia.
I have a dvd-rom and a cd-burner both lite-on
that have worked flawlessly under Linux & windows.
The behavior outlined below is the same for both drives.
here's the deal.
with atapicam in the kernel cdparanoia works perfectly.
without atapicam [using normal ide code, acd0] it's a different
it complains about sensing endianness, messes up the
running kernel, and never finishes.
But when I give cdparanoia either the -c or -C flags
[force little & big endianness respectively] it works
fine. It doesn't matter whether I use -c or -C and I actually
have no idea what endianness my drives have.

cdparanoia -vsQ
cdparanoia -B

cdparanoia -cvsQ
cdparanoia -CvsQ
cdparanoia -cB 7
cdparanoia -CB 7

Thank you,

PS - I'd really appreciate a personal CC for this
as I'm not on any lists yet but I'll check out the
web archive also.

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