Unknown Quirks for Soundblaster 32 (not AWE)

Conrad Sabatier conrads at cox.net
Mon Jun 7 18:45:24 GMT 2004

On 07-Jun-2004 Achim Hensel wrote:
> Hello, Folks
> Concerning MIDI-Support in FreeBSD 5.21:
> I use "src/sys/isa/pnp.c,v 1.16 2003/06/11 00:32:45 obrien Exp", but
> this doesn't recognize my SoundBlaster 32 out of the box, see Kernel
> message below:
> <code>
> prompt# dmesg
> ----<snap>----
> 1: midi0:  <SB Midi Interface> on sbc0
> 2: midi0: [GIANT-LOCKED]
> 3: midi1: <SB OPL FM Synthesizer> on sbc0
> 4: ata2: <Generic ESDI/IDE/ATA controller> at port
> 0x36e-0x36f,0x168-0x16f irq 10 o n isa0
> 5: midi2: <CTL0021 WaveTable Synthesizer> at port 0x620-0x623 on isa0
> 6: emu2: Resource alloc failed, pnp_quirks may need { 0x48008c0e,
> 0x21008c0e } device_attach: midi2 attach returned 6
> ---</snap>---
> </code>
> After this, some unassignable PNP-resources appear, but I don't think
> they belong to this problem.
> Including those quirks at l.6 { 0x48008c0e, 0x21008c0e } into
> src/sys/isa/pnp.c seem to bring me towards a working local MIDI setup.
> What would be the proper way to include them into the kernel tree?
> And, are there further obstacles on the way to wavetable-supported
> MIDI-sound from my FreeBSD-box?

You're not gonna like this (or maybe you will), but...

The MIDI drivers were recently yanked from the source tree in -current.  New
drivers/modules are supposed to on the way Real Soon Now.

This may or may not be a good thing for you.  From what I understand, there
were some real problems with the existing MIDI support (I know my own attempts
to use it failed miserably).  Mat (one "t")  :-), our new sound/MIDI maintainer
has been very busily working behind the scenes on a whole new framework for

Keep your eyes peeled; it shouldn't be much longer.  You may want to subscribe
to -current and/or cvs-src in the meantime, to make sure you won't miss

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