MP3 players (USB devices) -- how compatible?

Lukas Ertl le at
Fri Jun 4 08:52:25 GMT 2004

On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Conrad Sabatier wrote:

> Anyway, with the proliferation of USB devices available nowadays, I'm 
> just wondering how safe or risky would it be to just go ahead and grab 
> one and hook it up to my machine.  Is it a simple matter of configuring 
> it as a umass device and just copying files over to the player?  Or are 
> most of them really that dependent on the proprietary Windows/Mac 
> software that comes bundled with most of the them?

Apple's iPod attaches as umass device, and you could copy MP3s just like 
that, but you still need a tool like gtkpod to create the index files, so 
that the iPod finds the songs. :-)


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