dancing with the daemon

Gao Long urgaolong at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 1 06:31:19 PDT 2004

Nicolas Souchu <nsouch at free.fr> wrote:
Simple ideas are the good ones ;)

I don't have particular skills on syscons. But once done on syscons, I'll
rapidly get it working for KGI as I did with the splash to have the
background daemon.

to switch to another virtual console when the current virtual Definitely! It should be simple first. Loadable modules like splash
decoders would enable adding support for more complex formats
in the future...

Nicholas Souchu - nsouch at free.fr - nsouch at FreeBSD.org


OK , now for a simple test I have loaded two bmp pictures , and then the 

daemon moved swiftly from one end of the screen to the other without 

any blink  just in the early time of boot , though I still have to begin 

to modify the splash decoder to have a vector of bmp data files rather 

than just one , I am convienced to hope that it would work.

I am not sure about one thing , if I do not use the clean up function of the 

decoder when system is booted and I do not want the animated splash 

any more   , no key input except the first touch can interrupt the video 

mode , and I can not see any available syscons after booted . Unless I 

use the sysctl I added to clean up the video mode.

The same thing happens to vidcontrol , I have altered the vidcontrol to 

use the mode of VESA_CG800x600 instead of VESA_800x600 , former

of which is the video mode of splash module , and once the 

VESA_CG800x600 is set , no key input can interrupt the video mode , 

unless you reinstall the splash module or use the decoder to clean up .

Or may be it should just be like this :->

While I may try to build a usable version first , instead of a perfect one , 

and will post my patches as fast as I could . I hope I could get as many 

help as possible , thxs.

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