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Thu Jul 22 13:53:53 PDT 2004

On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 12:37:29AM +0400, Dmitriy Startsev wrote:
> Hello, Chris!
> You wrote to "Vulpes Velox" <v.velox at> on Thu, 22 Jul 2004
> 16:16:31 -0400:
>  C> Tried that. It creates one audio track and not the intended result. I
>  C> even tried
>  C> dd of=/dev/acd0c if=imagefile bs=2352. (Due to desperation)
>  C> Tried cdrdao copy. Gets the audio only.
>  C> I can get the audio tracks but not the graphics...
>  C> I know my burner supports CD+G
> You need something that supports sub-channel copying. Sorry, but nothing
> comes to my mind about what it might be.
> With best regards, Dmitriy Startsev.

$ man readcd
      -clone Do  a  clone read. Read the CD with all sub-channel
             data and a full TOC. ...

readcd is the best way to get images off CDs, IMO.

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