OSS alternative

Dmitriy Startsev metal_man at mail.ru
Fri Jul 16 12:10:40 PDT 2004


4Front OSS is not free, and therefore is not an acceptable solution for
I tried to use it but was somewhat frustrated. Reminds me Windows world,
where software companies think license agreement is the most important part
of distribution:). When I started it, it failed to initialize my sound card
(SB Live 5.1) and complained about some IRQ conflicts. But other drivers
work just fine (default one from FreeBSD dist. as well as another one I
downloaded somewhere else).

FreeBSD is free, and IMHO it needs a free open source sound system.
So my question is: does anybody know of something like that? Well, I guess
But without such a system FreeBSD will always be far behind Linux:(((

With best regards, Dmitriy Startsev.

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