Does anyone compose music using any oftheportsfromthe/ports/audio collection in FreeBSD?

Axel Auweter axel_auweter at
Tue Jul 13 12:24:36 PDT 2004


I just google'd a little bit and found a statement at ... Daniel Seuffert states 
that ALSA would already run under FreeBSD. Hmm, perhaps this guy knows 
more than we do.

> AA> I think, I'm going to collect some information about ALSA (although it
> AA> doesn't seem to be documented very well). An ideal solution would be to
> AA> have a FreeBSD implementation (or even better: OS independent) of the
> AA> ALSA Library which works together with the existing ALSA drivers. Any
> AA> volunteers? ;-)
>I think I'll take a look at it if only I'll have enough free time.
>By the way, what is the problem about porting ALSA to FreeBSD? Is it
>impossible at all?
In order to spread some motivation I'd say that nothing is impossible...
Okay, I found out that it has been discussed several times (on this 
mailing-list, too). But it seems as if nothing has happened since then. 
Perhaps it is worth another look.
btw: Can anybody tell me what the newpcm driver is? Damn, I'm a real 
newbie to that topic... :-(

> AA> Does anybody know which parts of ALSA are GPL'ed and which are LGPL'ed?
>Why not just look into the source code?
Done so. As expected, everything GPL except for alsa-lib which is LGPL.


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